Account Balance Search
  • Enter the bank account number of the public funds account provided by the public official.
  • Select the appropriate quarter to have the account balance reported to the Virginia Treasury Board returned.
  • Select the correct financial institution from the drop down list. If the account is not listed in the database, a message will appear stating that the account is not in the database. The public official should immediately contact their banking institution to determine the status of the account. The public official should also contact the Virginia Treasury Board to report the missing account.
  • If the account balance returned does not agree to your records, please contact your banking institution and the Virginia Treasury Board.
  • If your account numbers has leading zeros and the system returns the error message 'No account found - if you believe this account should be included as a public fund, contact your banking institution.', please try typing in your account number without the leading zeros.
  • If you are experiencing issues with the Captcha please review this documentation.